At GBI Consultants we understand Your need to provide a Benefit Plan to Your Employees that not only meets their needs but satisfy Yours. We provide a unique approach that not only maximizes improvements to your overall plan structure and costs where possible for consistent and sustainable savings year after year but also help maintain your ability to stay compliant with ever changing Government rules.


You’ve invested your money, your time and your life to building your Business. Ensuring that the right people receive the right value for your dedication is critical. Protecting against the damage created with the loss of a partner, a key employee or yourself is critical to the ongoing sustainability of your business.  Let one of our specialists help you sort out and review your risk to help provide you with peace of mind.


Your key employees are critical to the success of your business. GBI Consultants takes a positive approach toward your key employees and have developed unique incentives to recruit, retain and reward your top people.


The pension and retirement landscape is a constantly changing  landscape. Businesses are finding it difficult to keep up with the changes. As well as, what plans are now available for their employees and in fact for the employer themselves.

Educate & Empower your employees into understanding what you are doing for them.


To provide expertise that ensures
Business Continuity.

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Employee Benefits
Are you interested in exploring your companies employee benefit options?

Do you have a growing business? Are you being asked about Employee Benefits? GBI Consultants has a solution for you. Let our team guide you in developing a tailored benefit package for your business.

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Employee Pension Plans
Find the right plan for your company

Keeping up with compliance. Maintaining a positive return on Pension investment choices and Keeping employees informed are keen areas of focus that you will need to be kept up to date on. Let our experts at GBI Consultants help you keep ahead of the curve.

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Are you interested in exploring different benefit options for your Association?

GBI Consultants is well experienced in working with associations to create cost effective insurance solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of association members. This provides a strong added value to the membership base.

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Life & Disability

At GBI Consultants, we understand that protecting your Business is one of your top priorities. Our well experienced team will educate you in understanding the importance of having proper Life and Disability coverage.

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Critical Illness

If diagnosed with a critical illness, how would you continue to manage your business? Would you need to retire, cut back, sell off shares or would your business even survive. Let GBI Consultants help you prepare for this possibility.

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Travel Insurance
Going away? Sending your employees out of Canada on business? We offer Travel Insurance that gives you a simple, affordable way to protect against the cost of unexpected medical emergencies.

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A range of Employee Benefits and Financial Services adapted to your needs