Dental Fee Guide updates

Each year, Provincial and Territorial Dental Associations publish fee guides. Equitable Life uses these guides to help determine the reimbursement limits for dental procedures. For your reference, below is the list of the average dental fee increases for general practitioners Dental fee guide increases over 2018 Province/Territory Average Fee Increase  Alberta  0.00% British Columbia 2.51%   Manitoba 3.02%[…..]

Ontario government provides more details about OHIP+ transition

The Ontario government has confirmed the date and provided further details of its proposed changes to the eligibility rules for OHIP+.   Effective April 1, 2019, only children and youth under the age of 25 who are not covered by a private benefits plan will qualify to receive eligible prescriptions at no cost through OHIP+. Those with[…..]

Biologic Drugs and Biosimilars – Here’s What You Need to Know

Biologic drugs can be life saving when plan members or their dependents become ill, but they can also be incredibly expensive, driving up the cost of your benefits plan. But what if there was a less expensive, yet highly effective solution? That’s where biosimilar drugs come in. Biosimilars offer similar benefits as their native biologic, but at[…..]

Impact of Marijuana in the Workplace

Many employers are wondering how the legalization of cannabis will impact the workplace. Although cannabis is said to be legalized by October 17, 2018, the distinction between recreational and medical users in the workplace has not changed.    Recreational Users Many employers have policies and procedures to address the use of restricted substances in the workplace including[…..]